When it comes to inspirational titles, and you feel this is your market, take heed to my list, if you want to sell what you write.


I am a writer and in my spare time, I distribute books to stores for Choice Books. I have compiled my own subjective list. When I look it over I’m surprised that a particular subject sells well across the nation.


10. Self-help books. Books that lift you up and not put you down. Any book that can improve your life.

9. Books of any kind by living room names, I mean names of leaders who have a huge following. T.D Jakes is one of my favorites, as an example. Beth Moore, etc…

8. Books about visits to heaven and or miracles. My latest favorite: Miracles From Heaven.

7. How to Books based on numbers. Example: How to Pray or How to Fight the Devil.

6. Cook books of all shapes and sizes, esp. Amish cookbooks.

5. Books about animals: Cats, Dogs, and horses. You would be amazed at how many books I sell based on cute animal stories!

4. Journals with scriptures. Themed Journals.

3. Devotionals. Leather bound, handsome looking with great themes.

2. Joke books. Yes. No lie. You would not believe how many different shapes and sized books of jokes I sell.

1. Adult coloring books. (This is the latest craze.) Off the charts.


*Have you been wondering what to write to get your name out their. Think on these things. Maybe you have a gift in one of these areas.