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Top Ten Inspirational Books that Sell

When it comes to inspirational titles, and you feel this is your market, take heed to my list, if you want to sell what you write.


I am a writer and in my spare time, I distribute books to stores for Choice Books. I have compiled my own subjective list. When I look it over I’m surprised that a particular subject sells well across the nation.


10. Self-help books. Books that lift you up and not put you down. Any book that can improve your life.

9. Books of any kind by living room names, I mean names of leaders who have a huge following. T.D Jakes is one of my favorites, as an example. Beth Moore, etc…

8. Books about visits to heaven and or miracles. My latest favorite: Miracles From Heaven.

7. How to Books based on numbers. Example: How to Pray or How to Fight the Devil.

6. Cook books of all shapes and sizes, esp. Amish cookbooks.

5. Books about animals: Cats, Dogs, and horses. You would be amazed at how many books I sell based on cute animal stories!

4. Journals with scriptures. Themed Journals.

3. Devotionals. Leather bound, handsome looking with great themes.

2. Joke books. Yes. No lie. You would not believe how many different shapes and sized books of jokes I sell.

1. Adult coloring books. (This is the latest craze.) Off the charts.


*Have you been wondering what to write to get your name out their. Think on these things. Maybe you have a gift in one of these areas.


101 Writing tips on writing to win

Every one enjoys winning and everyone likes to win? Okay, I know there is an exception somewhere, but that someone will be hard to find. I want to share with you over a hundred creative ideas that will exercise your writing brain.

1. Picking a name in a story:

Coming up with a name for a hero or heroine should not be loud. Don’t make it overly dramatic so it takes from the depth of the story, picking an obvious name like Jack Ripper who is a modern day killer of women with a big knife will come across to a potential reader as cheesy and a cheap way to get a judges attention. For my evil character in Miracle on Snowbird Lake, I chose Jim Underwood.  Almost too obvious, but not. Make it resonate, but not feel obvious.

A well chosen name can give the reader so much richness to their imagination when reading. A few words can help describe your character without a long list of descriptions.

Let’s try a test. If I give you the name Penny Byrd, what images come to your head? Maybe she’s a penny pincher, light on her feet, hardly overweight, young, somewhat attractive but shy. The list images might go on and… Just based on a two word name, then like a good painter, you fill in the background around the character.

If your plot is character driven, this is a must!

Don’t be flippant about names in a story, give the story depth, character, and a sense of belonging. you want people to identify with the characters in your story, and the best way to start winning the reader over is to give them a memorable name, not cheesy cliché name, but one that enhances your uniquely told story.

Win with names.


Finish Line

Child Bride

My new book will be coming out soon. I have a target date for Easter. It is an 1800’s story of Priscilla Ketchum, a fourteen year old girl who runs away from a forced marriage to a rogue Mormon prophet on the western frontier.  All she wants is to be free to live and find true love. But soon she learns freedom comes with a heavy price.child bride final (1)

Driving a truck full of Books


As a part-time delivery driver, I often crawl into the back of my truck where I’m immersed in books. Some people take a fishing pole where they travel back and forth to work, hoping to catch a break. I keep a folding chair in the back, hoping to pull over on the side of the road so I can read. If you love books, real books, jump into my conversation starter.

I would like to tell you about one book I recently read that I would rate with 6 stars. I often give my books the cry test. If it makes this big old guy cry, then it might get 6 stars.

Stan BednarzHi, I’m Stan Bednarz. I use the tag line “Writing on the road less traveled” because I write from a Christian worldview, but my stories are off the beaten path, so to speak. My award-winning, character-driven stories tend to be about family, love, and redemption in not-so-easy situations, and they span genres from sci-fi to Western to modern drama. Thanks for stopping by my home on the web.

New book coming soon.

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